No matter what kind of work you do—standing in a restaurant, sitting at a desk, driving a truck, performing on a stage—you’re likely building tension in your back, neck, and shoulders. While it would be great if we had the time and money to get a massage every few days, that’s not the reality for most people, and physical stress brought on by everyday life should be mitigated with on a regular basis. Luckily there are incredible electric massagers for home use that imitate human hands. Fit in your stress relief regimen while you listen to an audiobook, watch TV, or sit by the fire. Here are some of our favorites to get you started on your search.

Sweet relief: Invospa Shiatsu Massager

Adjust To The Right Intensity

Comes with a carrying case and both power cable options. Amazon

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Invospa’s Shiatsu bi-directional back, shoulder, and neck massager has eight massaging roller nodes (four large and four small) and three strength levels. It automatically switches the direction of the massaging nodes to mimic the motion of human touch. It also has two positioning handles to keep the massagers firmly pressed against your body, as well as a built-in heating function (it can be turned off, don’t worry) that claims to aid circulation and help relieve tension. After 15 minutes, the portable Shiatsu massager automatically shuts off. To use the corded machine, plug it into a wall outlet or car charger. It comes with a carrying case and remote.

Heated relief: Naipo Shiatsu Massager

Doesn’t Need To Be Plugged In

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If you don’t have the time—or feel like handing over a ton of money to someone for a massage—get a heated shiatsu massager. It’ll help release muscle tension, soreness, and improve your circulation. The Naipo Shiatsu massager has eight nodes that can work on your neck, back, waist, and legs. Unlike some other models, this one can be used cordless for two and a half hours using its rechargeable battery. It includes a heated mode and has movements designed to mimic the touch of a real person.

Most versatile: Mynt Cordless Neck Back Massager

Best Multi-Purpose

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This massager can last up to two hours unplugged, so you can truly take your comfort to go. With a heat option and four nodes that imitate a shiatsu massage via 3D deep-kneading, you can rest any part of your body on this pillow for extreme relief. All functions are also triggered via one button to make it particularly easy to use. The massage cycle lasts 15 minutes before repeating.

Budget pick: LuxFit Neck and Shoulder Deep Tissue Manual Self Muscle Massager

Less Heavy-Duty, But Effective

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Two silicon balls target specific pressure points on your neck and shoulders or even arms and legs with a gentle squeeze of the handles. This is the most portable and lightweight option as it’s a manual tool. Regardless, it is extremely effective, especially for neck pain. There is something to be said about a manual massager, because it allows you to define the pace and depth of your massage. It also makes it easier to pinpoint specific knots and work them out. If you want something less heavy-duty, the LuxFit is a great choice.