The best massagers for every part of your body

All the gear you knead to release tension.

Best massagers for every part of the body
I've been trying portable massagers for months. It's a hard life.Depositphotos

If you're like me and wake up every week with a new aching body part, consider the humble electronic massager. Instead of leaving your house, shelling out handfuls of cash for some tenderizing relief, grab a massaging device that you can use again and again from the comfort of your own couch. You can even pick up a device for every part of your body. It never hurts to be prepared. In fact, being prepared feels great. Let's work our way down from our head to our toes, shall we?

Scalp massager

Scalp massager
Head massagers range from small, low-tech options to vaguely scary-looking contraptions that fit over your entire head.Amazon

This simple-but-effective scalp massager is made with 2mm wires with round acrylic beads on the tips to prevent scratching and snags. The device is intended to increase blood circulation to the scalp, but also it just feels really nice.

Electric scalp massager


A great, cheap electric scalp massager that can really be used on any part of the body.Amazon

The waterproof Maxsoft scalp massager is a portable option that comes thick silicone bristles. Since it's waterproof, you can even use it in the shower to massage shampoo and conditioner into your hair.


Full head massager
A full-head massager that covers everything from your scalp to your eyes.Amazon

This is the least portable and most extra of the three head massager options. While this waterproof, massaging helmet looks intimidating, it does its thing on your temples, eyes (!), neck, and scalp simultaneously. The cordless and rechargeable massager holds around 105 minutes of charge and can be controlled via a smartphone app. It uses air compression, heat, kneading, and vibration to help you improve blood circulation and relieve stress.

Mynt eye energizer

Mynt eye energizer
A silicon-tipped massager that ostensibly prevents under-eye circles.Amazon

I bet you didn't know there were massagers for your eyes. I didn't until I was doing some research on Mynt's website. Their Eye Energizer uses soft silicone tips to massage your closed eyes. It lets you choose between either hot or cold therapy and features three modes—a 64-degree low, a 104-degree high, and one that alternates between both temperature settings. It claims it can combat crow's feet, dark circles, and dehydration. It holds a 70-minute charge and can be recharged with a USB.

SnailLax massage mat

SnailLax massage mat

A flexible massaging mat with heating pads and massage nodes.Amazon

This SnailLax has ten built-in vibrating motors and four heating pads located on your upper and lower back, thighs, and calves. It comes with a remote that can trigger massage nodes in specific areas and adjust the intensity of the kneading. The mat is flexible so you can easily store it or place it on a couch or bed when you’re using it. It comes with an attached pillow and the cover is made of soft polyester.

Zyllion shoulder and neck massager

Shoulder and neck massager
Enjoy much-needed upper body relief.Amazon

This Zyllion shiatsu massager has "3D massaging nodes" that knead your aching neck and back. They change direction, heat up, and, really, fit underneath most body parts. It also includes straps on the back so you can hook it up to a chair while you’re sitting. There’s a 20-minute shut-off feature to make sure it doesn’t overheat. It also comes with a car adapter for relief while driving.

Mynt back massager

Back massager Mynt
Full-back relief after a long day at work.Amazon

After experiencing the magic of Mynt’s foot massager last year, I needed to try out the brand's soft-fabric full-back machine. I found the same level of comfort, pain—the good kind—and relief with their shiatsu seat massage cushion. You can choose between a kneading massage, shiatsu-style therapy, or both. There are programmed massage sessions or you can customize the area, heat and how the nodes rotate yourself. If one area bothers you more, you can keep the device concentrated on that spot. This device also comes with a car adapter, but I wouldn’t use it while driving. It’s pretty intense.

Breo hand massager

Breo hand massager
The air pressure and heat compression alleviate hand pain.Amazon

Breo’s iPalm520 acupressure hand and palm massager uses air pressure and heat compression to relieve pain and stiffness in your fingers. The controls are customizable. Infrared energy heats to the hand in two temperature settings—98F or 107F— to help relieve muscle pain, soreness, and improve blood circulation. It can also heat up your hands on a chilly day. You can power the device with four AA batteries or using the DC adaptor.

Mynt Tapping Foot Massager

Mynt Tapping Foot Massager
Put your feet in a happy place.Amazon

This is the device that started my obsession with electric massagers. Inside the foot holes are 22 massage heads to push into targeted pressure points on your feet, rollers on the bottom of the feet, and air pressure to aid in blood flow and alleviate aches. Within the machine, a heating system keeps your feet at a consistent temperature. There are programmable settings for things like temperature, air pressure, intensity, speed, and roller pattern, but I always go with the 20-minute preset mode.

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