Four Bluetooth headphones that protect your kids’ ears

Bright colors and volume protection make these great headphones for young ones.

kid headphones
Get your kidz bopping!Alireza Attari via Unsplash

Music is a crucial part of child development. It can help accelerate brain development, and improve intellectual, social, emotional, motor, and language literacy. Not to mention: it’s fun! Whether your kids are singing along to “Let it Go” or the latest Ariana Grande song, these headphones can help them get lost in the music. They can help your kids zoom in on educational programs, or watch movies and TV too. But children’s sensitive ears can be easily damaged, so headphones geared for children usually contain built-in volume limits, to keep young listeners safe. Some have fantastic, fun designs to boot. Here are some of our favorites.

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Bright, colorful choice with volume limit and SharePort.Amazon

The LilGadgets Untangled PRO headphones come in six bright, eye-catching colors (lime green, electric blue and bright pink!). The headphones are designed to fit children four and older. Earpads and headbands are made of a soft, breathable mesh, and are sized to fit smaller heads. The headphones limit volume to 93db, and include a SharePort that lets you connect another headphone without needing a headphone splitter. The headphones can withstand long car trips, with 12 hours of battery life and 180-hour standby. They come with a travel bag and a backup cable. Bonus: the company sends a portion of each purchase to organizations that works on bullying awareness and prevention.

Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones
Glittering LED display will let your kid bop to the music.Amazon

In addition to the usual features, these headphones come with a delightful bonus: red, blue, and green LEDs cap off both ends of the headphones. The LEDs will dance and flash in tune with the music, and your child might too. The headphones come in three contrasting colorways: turquoise/blue, white/pink, and lavender/pink. Because these don’t come with a built-in volume limit, they’re best suited for kids 10 and older. For younger kids, there’s the Riwbox CT-7, which are topped with adorable cat-ears that flash with LED lights, and a volume limit of 85dB.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200
Grown-up style designed to protect young ears.Amazon

When a family member from the creators of Puro Sound Labs got a diagnosis of noise-induced hearing loss, they decided to create their own solution to protect other children. That’s the Puro Sound Labs BT2200: it’s volume limited to 85dB, but doesn’t compromise on sound quality. Passive noise isolation dampens background noise, making them perfect for cross country vacations with the kids. Battery life lasts up to 18 hours, with 200 hours on standby. These headphones come in five colors, and have a sleek design for young sophisticates. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and come with a hardshell case for travel.

Sodee Kids Bluetooth Headphones
Long-wearing comfort.Amazon

These budget-friendly headphones come in loud, cheerful colors like cherry red, magenta pink, and cerulean blue. Headphones come with a volume limit of 93Db. The earmuffs use skin-friendly leather and stay comfortable for extended listening sessions. They fold and pack well, and are adjustable for growing head sizes from a two-year-old’s small head to adult size. Battery life is six to eight hours a five-minute fast charging option will revamp the battery life by an hour.