Marsha Brady maintained that she kept her illustrious blonde locks in such good condition by brushing them 100 times before bed each night (little did she know that was a practice started by women to ensure their hair was lice-free). Doubts about excessive brushing aside, combing through your locks does help increase blood circulation in the scalp, distribute the natural oils in your hair, and detangle any knots. Here are some of our picks for the best hairbrushes, for every hair type.

Serious Upgrade: Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush

Groom In Luxury

It’s expensive, infamous, and works for coarse to normal locks. Amazon

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Mason Pearson brushes made in England are not cheap, but they’ve earned their reputation as one of the best hairbrushes on the market. Each brush is made with premium-grade boar bristle, which is gentle for your strands and scalp, and has a patented pneumatic cushion that conforms to the contours of your head. Some people claim that this brush has even changed the texture of their hair.

Comfortable handle: Bass Brushes | The Green Brush | Bamboo Pin + Bamboo Handle Hair Brush


Great for thick, coarse, or kinky locks. Amazon

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This all-natural and sustainable bamboo brush is well-made and fits very comfortably in your hand. It’s plastic-free, works well with dry and wet hair, and the wooden bristles also can double as a mini-scalp massage. It’s best for people with thick or coarse hair, and it’s great for straightening hair while blow-drying, too.

Most compact: No Static Hair Comb

Doesn’t Cause Frizz

Best for shorter styles. Amazon

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Handcrafted from organic green sandalwood and buffalo horn, this comb works well to style shorter hair and detangle longer hair gently. It’s plastic-free, and sandalwood has a natural aroma that helps ease stress. This comb is compact, which makes it great for traveling light, and comes with a drawstring bag.

Great all-purpose: Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush

Multiple Color Choices

Will untangle any knot. Amazon

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This brush will remove knots and tangles by gently separating them with unique cone-shaped plastic bristles—hair is separated sideways instead of down. It’s perfect for use on fussy kids, and comes in a fun turquoise color, too.