The best gifts for baby nerds and smart kids

Holiday presents for the tots on your list

kid in glasses

Got a nerdy kid (or nerd-adjacent kid) on your holiday gift list? Here are a few presents that will delight your favorite babies and kids—and their parents.

An Astronaut Costume

Astronaut costume
It's out of this world awesome.Amazon

It's not just for halloween. Guaranteed to turn your little cousin into a total space nut.. $40 on Amazon.

A Night Under The Stars

Night light
A gold star gift.Amazon

If you want to start their astronaut training even earlier, a colorful cosmic nightlight should do the trick. $24 on Amazon.

moon night light

A Night Under The Moon

Goodnight moon.Amazon

If your nephew's tastes are a little too demure for a psychedelic space lamp, this glowing moon might be a good alternative. It's $15 on Amazon. You can also check out some other themed lamps (including a dinosaur light and a spinning solar system) at the same link.

A Rock Tumbler

Rock tumbler
You rock!Amazon

We can't all go to the moon, but we can all play with rocks. Foster a healthy love of geology—and get that little nerd off their computer and outside, for once—with a high-quality rock tumbler. $120 on Amazon

Their First Chemistry Set

chemistry kit
Chemistry for under the chemist's tree.Amazon

If your little nerd is around 6-8 years old, it's the perfect time to get them their very first science kit. And with fun experiments like baking soda volcanoes and "sunsets in a test tube," you might end up geeking out right along with them. $15 on Amazon.

Periodic Table Blocks

periodic table blocks
Keep them in their element.Amazon

Is little Jimmy too young for his first foray into lab science? No matter. No baby is too small to drool on some blocks. As your bundle of joy grows up and starts stacking (and throwing) the elements, you can start to teach them about the periodic table before they even make it to preschool. This one goes for $35 on Amazon. Another option: A punny periodic table bib for $15.

Some Cuddly Brain Power

brain plush
A no-brainer.Amazon

Giant microbe plushies are the best, and this one is a no-brainer. Grab it for $9 on Amazon.

A Onesie Celebrating Their Dark Side

Storm pooper onesie
Let's hope they have better aim.Amazon

For the little poop machine who loves her some Star Wars. $15 on Amazon.

A Dress Fit For An Ensign

star trek dress
Get em started on Sci Fi at an early age.Think Geek

Glittery. Tulle. Star Trek. Dress. This perfect little number goes for $30 on ThinkGeek. It's also available in (gasp) onesie form for $20. And if your little sis is more of a t-shirt girl, you can nab one of those for $15.

Snap Circuits Electronic Discovery Kit

Circuit kit
Over 100 circuit building projects.Amazon

There comes a special time in every child's life when they're ready to build their own circuits. This kit, suitable for ages 8 and up, will allow your young charge to build 101 different electronic projects—a sound-activated switch, a musical doorbell, a voice-controlled lamp, a flying saucer, and so much more. Set them up for a life of tinkering. $18 on Amazon.