Gaming chairs to level-up your playing experience

Comfort, style, and hidden details make these the ultimate thrones of games.

There is no clearer way of expressing one’s commitment to gaming than with a gaming chair. This is the chair your office chair dreams of becoming on the weekends. It is an ergonomically designed throne upon which you dispatch your enemies and earn the praise of your comrades. It’s a chair that exists for the sole purpose of making your gaming experience just that much more enjoyable.

But what makes a gaming chair great? To be fair, anything you sit on to play games could be a gaming chair, but to truly earn the mantle your seat of choice has to come equipped with a few bells and whistles that only gamers would fully appreciate. If it looks like it could be a deck chair on The Nebuchadnezzar? All the better.

360-rotation: GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing

Five Color Choices

For the price, it’s a comfortable and functional addition. Amazon

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You have to applaud a chair that knows exactly what it’s about. Assembly isn’t difficult, and the lumbar and head support pillows are easily repositioned. The metal frame is capable of tiling back up to 170-degrees and supports up to 300 pounds. The arm rests can be adjusts left and right and up and down for full comfort control.

Nicest design: Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Feel Truly In Control

Sturdy and feels more substantial than others. Amazon

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In its all-black version, the RSP-900 almost looks like a high-end lounge chair, or even a massage chair. It doesn’t necessarily scream “gaming chair,” and that’s a good thing. More design-conscious gamers will appreciate that the Respawn looks good, features adjustable leg rests for recline position, discreet pouches for controllers and headsets, and a cup holder.

Nap-worthy: Elecwish Computer Gaming Chair

Most Color Options

Tilts back enough for a halftime snooze. Amazon

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One thing that becomes clear once you go down the gaming chair rabbit hole—apparently a lot of people sleep in their gaming chairs. Although proud of its sturdy construction (it claims to be able to support gamers comfortably up to 330 pounds) and all-around cushioning, the Elecwish is also very eager to bring up its 170-degree tilt in case you want to kick all the way back and catch a mid-gaming binge nap. This chair is also a lot wider than most others—so comfort is, indeed, it’s main priority. And it succeeds.

Added perk: Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

Ultimate Comfort Option

It works your lower body while you play. Amazon

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Yes, that’s right. A gaming chair that also has a massaging lumbar support pillow. Boasting a thick and roomy seat, adjustable armrests and an adjustable footrest, you may find yourself sitting in this chair with zero intention of playing any games whatsoever. It tilts, rocks, and swivels, and its metal construction and wheelbase feel strong and durable.

Most comfortable: X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

A New Way To Sit

This is the Rolls Royce of options. Amazon

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Not just visually impressive—it looks like something a galactic warlord would swivel around in seconds before ordering an entire planet destroyed—the X Rocker is about enhancing your overall gaming experience. Don’t misunderstand, it’s big and roomy and comfortable, but comfort is only the beginning. It has two built-in speakers (nicely hidden in the headrest) and a subwoofer that are compatible with all major game systems (and enhance movie watching as well) If you shell out for more than one, you can even sync them up so the overall experience is shared by everyone.