Before you know it, your lush, green trees will turn brown and reject their foliage. When the leaves fall, littering your lawn, you’ll have some choices to make. Do you want to leave your backyard covered with dead plants, ready to be rained on and slimed, or do you want to keep things tidy? The following list of products will keep your lawn in check.

For more traditional gardening gear, check out our list of the best gardening tools for keeping your yard lush without the waste.

After all the leaves have fallen, it’s easier to gauge the health of your backyard plants. Amazon

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Have a small and portable chainsaw on hand to prune bushes, clear branches, or cull chunks of tree that might be growing too far into your property. This cordless, 20-volt Work electric chainsaw weighs a little more than 10 pounds. It’s got an ergonomic grip and an auto-tension and auto-oiling system. The 10-inch chainsaw comes with a battery and charger.

Get rid of unwanted leaves from your yard. Amazon

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What to do with those pesky leaves covering your lawn? Blow ‘em away. This handheld, rechargeable 60-volt DeWalt cordless blower—it weighs about 10 pounds—is quiet and can blow up to 175 miles per hour.

The main problem with having a lot of yard equipment is that it takes up a lot of space. Amazon

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Think about how much room you need for a rake, shovel, chainsaw, axe, and grading tools. This telescopic, steel folding rake measures 62 inches when extended, but only 32-inches when collapsed. The teeth of the rake also retract—from 19.5 inches when open to 7.5 inches when folded up.

Get up close and personal. Amazon

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These Gardease leaf scoops and claws—there are two in a set—will help you grab fallen leaves by hand. They’re like your hands, but so much better.

If your main concern is keeping your backyard clean—and you have another place to dump fallen leaves on your property—forget stuffing everything into plastic bags. Amazon

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Grab a leaf tarp or reusable yard waste bag to haul away your debris. If you get a tarp with side handles, you can rake—or claw—your foliage on top of the tarp and lug the cache away to the edge of your property (or your neighbor’s lawn). This Rocky Mountains Goods tarp measures 9 feet square. It’s UV-treated and can be used as a protective cover for items in your yard.

Fit more leaves in the bags. Amazon

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Why use this 13-amp, electric Worx Leaf mulcher? The blade-less machine weighs just over 28 pounds and uses grass trimmer lines to shred 53 gallons of leaves per minute so they take up less space in your waste bags or compost pile. The bottom of the mulcher holds the bag, so the leaf shreds fall in.

If you’re reading this and it has already fallen. Amazon

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The ergonomic Snow Joe—which won last year’s family shovel competition—has spring-assist handles that make lifting heavy, wet snow much easier—and puts less strain on your back.