Want an easy, no-mess way to boil water on the quick? Electric kettles are the solution. They can bring water to a full boil in under eight minutes, and automatically shut down, so you won’t have to worry about water boiling over. Some can maintain the water temperature after boiling, and some lets you set precise temperatures, which is ideal for tea drinkers. Whether you’re a tea fanatic or not, these convenient devices are essential to the modern kitchen. Here are a few of our favorites.

See the heat: Cosori Electric Kettle 1.7 L Glass Water Boiler & Tea Heater

Prettiest To Watch

Lights up when it boils. Amazon

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The Corsori electric kettle is a glass and stainless steel boiler that lights up with blue LED when your water is ready. The borosilicate glass is scratch- and scuff-resistant, and allows you to watch the surprisingly gratifying process of water boiling. It reaches a boil in 3-7 minutes, and automatically turns off within 30 seconds. The kettle has a 1.7-liter capacity.

Maintain the heat: Secura Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle

Quick And Colorful

Safe to touch while it’s on. Amazon

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The Secura electric kettle comes with a completely stainless steel interior: pot, lid, spout, rim, and all. The 1,500 watts of heating power gets water hot, fast. The double-walled container also helps keep water warm for longer, with a cool-touch exterior that won’t burn your fingers after the water boils. It comes in a range of shiny bright colors, from glossy black to a pop of orange or red.

For precision brews: Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control Stainless Steel

Keep It Exactly Where You Want It

Pick your degree for a perfect boil. Amazon

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Serious tea drinkers know that different teas are best brewed at different temperatures: white teas require a lower temperature, while black teas require a full boil. The Miroco kettle will let you pick a preset temperature for your boil, from 160°F to a 212°F standard boil. A “keep warm” option will maintain the water temperature for half an hour—enough time to get a refill. It heats 1.7 liters of water in less than eight minutes, and shuts off automatically when the boiling is done.