The Best DIY Costumes At New York Comic Con

At New York Comic Con this past weekend, cosplayers flaunted some pretty incredible homemade costumes. Every fandom from the Marvel superheroes to Ghostbusters to Disney was represented. Here are some of our favorites.

Leia as Misty Knight
Leia created this fantastic version of Marvel character Misty Knight. Jason Lederman
Andrew as
This was Andrew’s first Comic Con and first time cosplaying. After deciding he wanted to create a costume of armor, he watched online tutorials to learn how to create this incredible “Doom Guy” outfit. Jason Lederman
The Laser Girls and Scott as Final Fantasy characters
The two costumes on the left came to life with the help of 3D printing. Sarah and Dhemerae, aka The Laser Girls, designed and 3D printed their swords and armor out of plastic (complete with embedded LEDs), and their necklaces out of silver. On the right, Scott made his staff out of newspaper, paper mâché, and crafting foam. Jason Lederman
Paul as
Paul wasn’t holding back when he created this costume of Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Not pictured: the severed heads of the TMNT.) Jason Lederman
A trio of renaissance Batman characters
This trio of Victorian Batman characters made their own costumes. From left to right: Christa as “Poison Ivy,” Carolyn as “Batgirl,” and Jaci as “Harley Quinn.” Jason Lederman
Dane as Aladdin
This awesome Aladdin costume was made by Dane. Jason Lederman
Sarah as Yuma and Tam as Güs
Even Popular Science editors got in on the fun at New York Comic Con! Editor Sarah Fecht (left) shows off her outstanding “Yuma” from the comic book series Saga. Sarah’s friend Tam (right) sewed this adorable hoodie of Güs from the same series. Jason Lederman
Steve as Loki
Marvel’s Loki really came to life with this costume, created by Steve Jason Lederman

Ed. note: A previous version of this article incorrectly listed a costume as the Riri Williams version of Iron Man, and Victorian costumes as “Renaissance.” We apologize for the mistakes and they have been corrected.