Coloring supplies for adults who need to unwind

Bring on the brush pens.

drawing in a coloring book
We're going beyond crayons.Mint Owl via Unsplash

The next time you’re feeling exhausted after a long day at work, step away from the Netflix and consider...a coloring book. Line drawings meant to be filled in with marker, pencil, and crayon have become popular among adults who need a way to cope with stressful days or generalized anxiety. Plus, it’s fun, and you can lose yourself in the ritual without any fine art skills. Here are some great supplies to get you started.

Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book
A magical journey through art and puzzles.Amazon

Johanna Basford’s whimsical, detailed illustrations are the perfect way to canon ball into coloring. It’s full of wonderful, magical details and charming animals: owls with plush feathers, deer with birds perched on their antlers, foxes with lush vines and leaves growing inside their bodies. The pages are thick enough to hold up to most mediums, and hidden-object puzzles and mazes add an extra dose of fun.

Castle Art Supplies 72 Colored Pencils Set
Where you should begin. Amazon

You’ll get 72 distinct shades in this budget-friendly color pencil set—enough for layering, shading, and everything in between. The soft, wax-based leads are creamy and great for blending. They’re comfortable to hold, easy to use, and sharpen without breakage. They’re so good that the company backs them up with a guarantee: send them back if they don’t make your coloring pages pop to life.

Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens
Enjoy a stunning array of choices.Amazon

Okay, 120 is a lot of colors. But gel pens are a distinct medium, harder to layer or blend than crayons or colored pencils, and this set comes with nine different color types: not just your standard reds, greens, and blues, but glitter, neon, metallics, pastels, swirls, and rainbows. This many colors means you’ll never get bored. It comes with a lightweight, easy to organize case, to make finding the exact shade for your owl eyes a breeze.

Arteza Real Brush Pens
Get a watercolor/marker combo effect with these flex-colored utensils. Amazon

Brush pens have flexible heads that let you lay out a thin or thick line—perfect for calligraphy or adding detail and shading to your coloring pages. These brush pens use a water-based ink that mimics the effects of watercolors—use a water brush for more of a watercolor effect, or use them as-is for marker like vibrant colors. Either way, they’ll be a great addition to art cache.