The coziest bathrobes for any occasion

Robes: not just for choir singers and graduates.

woman in bathrobe
Make your home a spa.Samantha Passuello via Unsplash

It's time for the bathrobe to shake its Hugh-Hefner, bon-vivant, fancy-lady reputation. A good robe is as luxurious as it is useful: a post-shower cover-up that will you keep you warm and dry, a no-fuss way to get the mail without having to get dressed, the perfect outfit for days when you just don’t want to leave your home. Bathrobes come in an array of styles, textures, and fabrics for every need. Here, some of our favorites.

Alexander Del Rossa Plush Fleece Robe
A hyper warm and cozy plush choice.Amazon

Hate getting out of bed in the winter? This soft, snuggly, ankle-length fleece robe might help—it’s made from 330 GSM microfiber fleece to warm you up. Pull up the attached hood to hide from the world and keep your ears warm. A clever inside tie makes sure the robe doesn’t shift or slip. It’s like wearing a cuddly, cloudy blanket at all times. Get it in an array of velvety colors for both men or women.

Monarch Plush Lined Microfiber Spa Robe
Get the vacation experience in your own home.Amazon

Monarch, the maker of this robe, actually supplies robes to hotels like the Four Seasons—which means you can recreate the hotel robe experience for your everyday. The robe is made out of a durable microfiber exterior and a soft, plush lining. It’s designed to be used and holds up through repeated washings, with industrial-strength seams and facing. Oversized pockets will give you easy access to essentials, and an array of soothing, neutral colors helps create that spa/hotel vibe.

Women's Kimono Long Robe
Get a dose of old-fashioned style.Amazon

Want to feel like a starlet in your own home? Slip on the Kim + Ono, floor-length robe for a dose of easy, comfortable glamour. The robes are made out of 100 percent polyester in a silky, satin finish. They’re 52 inches long, and come in elegant prints of peacocks, peonies, and cherry blossoms in colors from magenta pink to dusty blue. Bonus: this one doubles as a lightweight cardigan for warmer days—it works as well outside as inside your home.

Pinzon Terry Bathrobe
Dry off with this classic pick. Amazon

Terry cloth is the same fabric you’ll typically find in bath towels: warm, plush, and quick-drying, it’s the ideal fabric to wrap yourself in after a shower. This one is made out of 100 percent cotton in year-round, lightweight weave. A removable belt wrap and shawl collar let you adjust the fit, and two front pockets make it easy to stash essentials (read: snacks) while you run between rooms. The robe comes in white, gray, or marine—all easy on the eyes, spa-like, and comfortable.