Concern over screen time for kids is on the rise, but the mass, hypnotic appeal of Youtube videos like Babyshark is hard to escape. There is a middle of the road compromise for Luddite parents that fear too much pure screen time and old-school toy enthusiasts: augmented reality toys that blend tactile objects with high-tech enhancements. Toys with augmented reality center the play-act around a physical object, which gives kids more structure and boundaries, as opposed to diving in recklessly into the infinite internet pool.

Augmented reality toys benefit from the tech because they are highly educational (hello, WiFi access for a trove of boundless knowledge) and because they’re still based on a physical object, if the power cuts, there is still something to play with—and imagination. Here’s a list of our favorite augmented reality toys for everyone in your life.

Home sweet home: AstroReality: EARTH Pro Smart Globe

A Closer Look

Explore the surface with the app. Amazon

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Space enthusiasts can hold (quite literally) the Earth in their hands with the AstroReality Earth Pro, a 3D-printed, hand-painted model of the planet. It’s the most precise model of the Earth, and with their AR app, one can explore the planet’s migration patterns and landscapes in different time periods. For those who are more about the moon, there is also a 3D printed model of the moon—with augmented reality, one can see crates and such.

Virtual doctor: Curiscope Virtuali-Tee: Educational Augmented Reality T-Shirt for Anatomy

Get Up Close And Personal With… Yourself

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The Curiscope Virtuali-Tee teaches human anatomy through an AR app on your phone. The app reads symbols on the included t-shirt in order to map the anatomy models onto your body. After you’ve downloaded the app, aim your camera at the shirt and explore 360-degree videos of “your” bloodstream, lungs, and other body parts. Click on specific body areas and the app’s “anatomy expert” Hans Glover will tell you how each system works.

Stay entertained: MERGE Cube

Multiple Activities In One

An unassuming foam object can transform with AR. Amazon

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Made out of soft, durable foam, this cube requires no batteries or chargers and relies on a device for it to come to life. Kids can hold holograms in their hands while playing archaeologist or diving into the inner workings of the human heart.