Old-school alarm clocks for a charming start to your morning

Stop relying on your phone and make waking up a pleasant experience.

sleepy person under pillow
Good morning!Elizabeth Lies via Unsplash

Many of us live by the sounds and screens of our cell phones, but our tech habits could be impacting our sleep. Turns out that blue light may interfere with the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. And waking up to your phone means your first thoughts are on your email or Instagram feed, rather than the quiet calm of dawn. Kick it old-school and get yourself a device built exclusively to help you wake up. Here are our favorites:

LBell Wake-Up Light

LBell Wake- Up Light
Gently wake up to light and the soothing sounds of nature.Amazon

If you can’t afford a fancy automated blind opener to wake up naturally with the sun, this light alarm clock is your next best bet. It simulates the sunrise and gently plays the sounds of nature: bird song, ocean waves, stream babble, wind chimes, and more. You can also have it play soft music or your favorite FM radio channel. It’s ultra-customizable since you can set different alarms for different days, and pick from seven different colors. There’s even a USB charger for your phone if you still want to keep it close by.

Rocam Digital Alarm Clock

Rocam Digital Alarm Clock
A straightforward digital alarm clock for heavy sleepers.Amazon

This alarm clock was built with simplicity in mind: it features a large LED display (which also has a dimmer slider so that you can control the brightness) to tell you the time, and an easily accessible snooze button to help you catch a few extra Zs in the morning. The alarm on this clock is loud, which makes it perfect for heavy sleepers. It also doubles as a night-light and USB charging station.

Peakeep Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock

Peakeep Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock
A retro alarm clock that’ll ensure you wake up on time.Amazon

Some people sleep so heavily that they turn off their alarm without ever getting conscious. This classic twin-bell alarm clock has the distinct decibel levels of clanging metal, and will jolt you out of bed. Plus, it's cute, what with its vintage bronze effect and bold numbers. This one boasts a backside white light button for night visibility. Just don’t forget one AA battery.

Meross Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms

Meross Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms
A compromise between old-school feel and digital appeal.Amazon

For lighter sleepers that prefer a more natural aesthetic, this wooden digital alarm clock from Meross is a great choice. The screen, which will automatically go dark while you sleep, can tell you the temperature and humidity of your sleeping quarters. The alarm is charged by USB.