The best air mattresses for your back

Luxury sleep anywhere you like.

There’s no longer any excuse for making your guests sleep on the couch or the floor—affordable air mattresses are now actually comfortable. Plus, a decent air mattress is a game-changer for anyone who lives life on the go. If you take an air mattress on a road trip, all you need is a roof over your head for a good night’s sleep. Or, if you’re more adventurous, take one of these camping and do some dreaming under the stars. Whether your kids are having sleepovers every weekend or cousin Susan needs a place to crash (she promises it’ll just be a few days), one of these will definitely come in handy.

  • Quilting: Getting an air mattress with a quilted top is great for providing indoor comfort. It’s soft enough that you’ll barely notice a difference with sheets, and some even come with built-in pillows, so you never have to worry about leaving one at home or not having enough for unexpected guests. 
  • Pump: Whether you’re using it indoors or outside, you’ll want to get your air mattress inflated quickly. Picking one with the right pump for you is crucial, so consider where you’re most likely to use it. If you’re going to keep one at home for when friends need to crash, an air mattress that can be plugged in and pumped is the easiest way to go. But if you’d like a little more comfort while camping, you’ll want to make sure that your air mattress has a manual pump.
  • Portability: Some air mattresses look like, well, mattresses—they’re high, large, and sometimes even soft. They can also be bulky, even when folded up and stored in a bag. Others, though, look like glorified pool floats. Their advantage is that they are easier to fold up and transport, especially on overnight outdoor adventures. Consider whether you’ll need to carry yours on your back for some time and make sure the air mattress you choose isn’t going to wear you down an hour into a hike. 

Our Picks for the Best Air Mattresses on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Durable and Cozy

This model comes with a waterproof top and an easy-to-use pump. It’s ideal for indoor use.

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Great for Outdoors: Pittman Outdoors Bed Air Mattress

Fits in Your Pickup

The fabric top makes this product comfortable for a night under the stars. Plug it into your 12V socket to use.
Pittman Outdoors

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Budget Pick: INVOKER Ultralight Air Mattress

Hassle-Free and Practical

This no-frills option comes with a built-in pillow for extra ease of use.

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Premium Pick: Coleman Air Mattress

Removable, Washable Top

This queen-sized choice has a comfortable plush top and dual-sealed valves to prevent leaks.

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