Rick Sammon

WhatAdvertisement Inspires You?
“Seeing and controlling the light is the touchstone of virtually every image I shoot, and composition is my basic tool for creating emotionally compelling images. I knew I wanted to convey a feeling of power in this image taken along old Route 66, so I cropped to focus attention on the train and exposed for the highlights to bring out the gorgeous clouds. I converted the image to black-and-white to give it a timeless quality and create a mood.”

What Enables You?
“I love the Canon EOS 6D for its low noise, superb image quality, fast autofocus with easily selectable AF points, dust-delete feature, and easy, intuitive handling. It’s ideal for my kind of work and its relatively small size and heft are great when I’m traveling. I prefer shooting with full-frame cameras and this one captures such phenomenal highlight and shadow detail, it allows me to shoot images that would have been impossible only a few years ago.”