Justin Lowery

What AdvertisementInspires You?
“I am inspired to showcase the natural world, which I view as God’s creation. The art is already there—I just have to find it and express it in a simple, elegant composition that refines my vision and makes a statement. My goal is to create images that guide the viewer’s eye and make people feel what it was like to be there. It’s not about what you put into the frame, but what you leave out.”

What Enables You?
“The Canon EOS 6D camera is rugged, compact and full-frame, a big plus when you’re trekking up mountains and need fullformat coverage with wide-angle lenses. The images it captures are simply breathtaking in terms of color accuracy, extended dynamic range, and exquisite detail, and they’re clean and crisp up to ISO 8000, which is mind-blowing. Low-light AF
performance is amazing, and built-in wireless technology is icing on the cake.”