Dustin Abbott

What AdvertisementInspires You?
“My passion is creating landscapes that make the viewer say ‘Wow!’ I begin by finding a good subject, then transforming it into something memorable by composing it in context. This image of a frozen waterfall is a fine example. Including the lonely highway conveys a sense of place and space. It tells a story, elevating the image into a personal vision worthy of being shared.”

What Enables You?
“My Canon EOS 6D camera is the perfect tool for shooting landscapes in any light because it provides full-frame coverage with wide-angle lenses and captures a phenomenal dynamic range, with incredible shadow detail in the RAW files. It delivers brilliant color and superb hi-res, low-noise images even in low light and at high ISOs. It’s extremely rugged and reliable, and its built-in wireless technology lets me view, set, and shoot remotely via my iPad®.”