BeeLine reader uses cognitive tricks to help you read faster

Get lifetime access to this award-winning tool for $29.99.

Ever found yourself getting lost in a wall of text? It turns out that our eyes often struggle to navigate from one line to the next. BeeLine Reader is a Premium browser plugin that helps you overcome this problem using a simple cognitive trick. It makes reading more comfortable, and some users find they can read up to 20 percent faster. You can get lifetime access now for only $29.99 at the PopSci Shop.

To help guide your eyes, BeeLine Reader changes the color of the text. Instead of black lines of text, you get a continuous color gradient running through each paragraph. The end of one line and the beginning of the next are always the same color. This visual clue helps you zip through the text without searching for your next starting point. It’s so effective, the California Public Library System has actually adopted the extension.

Available on Google Chrome and Firefox, BeeLine Reader works on virtually any online content. You can use it to wade through rambling emails, skim through work documents, and get through your ebook reading list.

Worth $220, lifetime subscriptions are now just $29.99—that’s 86 percent off.