This BauBax travel sweatshirt is packed with useful features

Save 45 percent on the most popular garment in Kickstarter history.

When you’re traveling across continents, every garment needs to count. The BauBax Travel Sweatshirt does more than its fair share, with 15 remarkable features and a stylish design. Available for men and women, this awesome apparel raised $11m on IndieGoGo and smashed records on Kickstarter. You can grab yours now for just $109.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

Like something from a Bond movie, these sweatshirts are filled with hidden features. It means you can carry far more than your baggage would normally allow. For instance, BauBax has dedicated pockets for your phone and your tablet. You can also bring your sunglasses, and store refreshments in the neoprene-lined drinks pocket.

To help you sleep on the move, the collar contains an inflatable travel pillow. It takes just one button press and two seconds to summon neck support. In addition, the sweatshirt has a pocket that can hold any small blanket.

The features don’t stop there. You can charge your devices from the battery pocket, clean screens with the built-in microfiber cloth, and warm your hands with the integrated gloves. The zipper even works as a stylus. This really is the ultimate garment for regular travelers and gadget lovers.

Worth $200, the BauBax sweatshirts are now $109.99, with men’s and women’s versions available.