Grilling is an inherently simple proposition: Food plus flame equals delicious. So the best
barbecue innovations keep it basic, using modern materials to update ancient tasks. Silicone brushes spread sauce more smoothly, while Flexaprene mitts protect you from bacteria and burns. OK, infrared heat is exactly what you get from glowing charcoal, but generate it with micro-perforated steel and a layer of glass, and suddenly you´ve got the perfect sear every time.

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The Goods: July 2006

Chef´n Hot Rod Mop Brush

With five rings of ridged silicone to maximize surface area, this heat-resistant brush smears more sauce than most. Bonus: a built-in bottle opener. $15;

Maverick Solar Grill Light

A few days of sun, and this four-LED lamp gives you four continuous hours of light-more than battery-only models. $70;

Coleman Heat ´N Serve Slow Cooker

The first propane-powered slow cooker has fins inside to protect the flame from the wind, so you can do a roast, chili or fondue on the deck. $72; Related:
The Goods: July 2006

TEC Sterling G 4000 FR Ifrared Grill

It sounds like heresy, but many steakhouse chefs prefer infrared grills to charcoal. IR grills sear faster-sealing in juice-and more evenly because they emit radiant heat through a slab of ceramic or glass instead of scattered charcoal chunks. TEC´s latest [flagship model shown here] is the most fuel-efficient grill around, thanks to a redesigned gas burner that sits closer to the radiating glass panel for temps up to 1,700

Lite Cylinder Co. Propane Tank

This see-through tank shows you if you´re bone-dry before you buy the night´s meat. It´s made from a resin-and-fiberglass composite that´s a third the weight of steel and won´t corrode. $85â€$95;

Duncan´s Bar-B-Que Grill-N Grips Mitt

These mitts can withstand up to 500