The BACtrack breathalyzer is a stocking stuffer that could save lives

Get 14 percent off this police-grade keychain breathalyzer.

Many of us will enjoy a few drinks this holiday season. But alcohol only brings good cheer if you don’t get behind the wheel. If you know someone who enjoys their beer, consider giving them the BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer. This keychain device gives an accurate readout of your blood alcohol level in seconds. You can get it now for $59.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Weighing just two ounces, the BACtrack C6 is the smallest police-grade breathalyzer ever made. It’s designed to live on your keychain, so that you always have it close at hand.

To take a reading, you simply blow into the mouthpiece. Your blood alcohol level (BAC) is displayed seconds later on the built-in OLED screen. The C6 is fitted with the same BluFire fuel cell sensor used by medical professionals and law enforcement, so you can trust the reading.

In addition, you can connect the breathalyzer to your phone via Bluetooth to get more useful information. For instance, the app can estimate when your BAC will return to zero. It can even help you call an Uber if you’ve had a little too much.

Order now for $59.99 to get the BACtrack and save $10 on the MSRP.