Four gadgets for creating a calm baby nursery

Keep baby—and parents—serene.
Baby Swing

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nursery essentials
Infant oasis. Brian Klutch

A baby makes home an exciting place, but new parents need an occasional break from that postpartum party for things such as, oh, eating and sleeping. These nursery essentials will help turn a babe’s room into a haven that provides both the little one and their tired caregivers a little peace.

1. No-touch night light

Nursery navigation is tricky after dark, but the Hatch Baby Rest lamp lets you control the intensity and color of its light with an app. Little ones won’t mistake a red glow for morning.

2. Baby’s first sleep tracker

The Nanit baby monitor observes your little one’s slumber, and uses an AI-driven app to alert you of environ­mental variables such as room temperature and humidity that can affect dream time.

3. Robo-swing

Movement calms babies, so the ­mamaRoo4 chair uses two motors to mimic motions captured from recording real moms. There’s rocking, swinging, and quick bounces.

4. Eye-exercise equipment

The high-contrast patterns on the Wimmer-Ferguson Stim­mobile catch baby’s attention, even during the early months when they’re still learning how to focus.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2018 Life/Death issue of Popular Science.