Pay what you want for this huge AWS Cloud Developer training bundle

Enhance your knowledge with 7 courses and 5 ebooks.

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Many of the apps we use every day rely on Amazon Web Services. This popular platform provides affordable hosting for cloud apps. If you want to start a new career as a developer, it is a good idea to know how AWS works. The AWS Cloud Development Bundle provides the perfect introduction, with 12 courses and ebooks packed with knowledge. You can pay what you want for the training now at the PopSci Shop.

From Adobe to Zynga, thousands of top companies use AWS for online storage and cloud computing. As a result, cloud developers are always in demand.

This bundle helps you acquire valuable AWS skills, with a stockpile of great learning content. Through 29.5 hours of video tutorials and five in-depth ebooks, you learn how to build fully-featured apps for the cloud.

Along the way, you get a guided tour of every major Amazon service—from S3 storage to RDS databases. Just as importantly, you work towards official AWS Certified Developer certification. The training also looks at OpenStack, known as the Linux of the cloud, and you discover how to work with Microsoft Azure.

You can pay what you want for one course; beat the average price paid to get the full line-up, worth $1,029.

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