Aura helps you relieve stress with 5-minute meditations

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After the long, relaxing days of summer, fall can feel pretty stressful. If you want to stay relaxed this holiday season, Aura is worth your attention. This highly-rated app helps relieve stress and anxiety through short meditation sessions and soothing sounds. You can currently get a lifetime Premium subscription for $79.99 via the PopSci Shop.

In as little as three minutes, this app helps to clear your mind and control your breathing. To help you reach that zen-like state, Aura uses AI to create the perfect session every time. When you need to de-stress, you simply tell the app what you want to hear and pop on your headphones.

Aura Meditation App
Aura meditation app Stack Commerce

What you hear is a custom mix of soothing music, sounds of nature, and meditation guidance. Aura changes the mix to suit your state of mind, and you can listen for as long as you like. The app also lets you track your mood over time and practice mindfulness. Available on iOS and Android, Aura has thousands of glowing reviews from users.

It’s worth $499, but you can get your Premium subscription now for $79.99 to enjoy unlimited lifetime listening.