Defeat anxiety with a lifetime subscription to Aura for just $64

You won’t find this deal on Amazon this Prime Day.

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In this world of 24/7 communication, it’s easy to get stressed. Amazon will happily sell you an aromatherapy kit on Prime Day to calm your nerves. But why not take some real action? Aura Meditation is a highly-rated app (iOS and Android) that helps you meditate and de-stress in just three minutes. You can pick up a lifetime subscription for just $64 with offer code DEAL20 this Anti-Prime Day at the PopSci Shop.

Meditation is known to be an effective cure for stress. By focusing on your breathing, it’s possible to get control of your racing mind.

Of course, finding the time for meditation classes can be a challenge. But with Aura Meditation, you can squeeze in sessions whenever you have a few spare minutes. You simply open the app, put on your headphones and listen to the soothing sounds.

The app offers an array of different meditation sessions, lasting between three and ten minutes. You also get unlimited access to life coaching and relaxing stories, and the app can help you track your mood over time. You can even set up daily “take a breather” reminders.

Order now for $64 with offer code DEAL20 to get your lifetime subscription, worth $499.

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