Meditation app Aura helps to relieve stress and anxiety

Daily 3-minute meditation sessions are now just $59.99 for life.

In this stressful world of 24/7 emails and notifications, many people are turning to meditation to relieve their anxiety. While you may not have time for lengthy sessions, Aura helps to reduce your stress levels in just three minutes. This intelligent app has been designed by top practitioners, and you can currently get lifetime access for $59.99 at the Popular Science Shop. Plus, take an additional 15 percent off with coupon code AURA15!

Meditation is scientifically proven to calm your mind. By focusing on your breathing, you divert your brain from anxious thoughts. Aura helps you achieve this becalmed state through guided meditation. The app fits around your busy schedule, allowing you to select the length of each session: 3, 7, or 10 minutes.

The sessions help you relax with the sounds of nature, along with guidance on your breathing. You can save your favorite sessions to repeat at a later date, and track your reducing stress levels over time. The app will also remind you to take a breather in your working day and write a simple journal.

Lifetime subscriptions are worth $399, but you can get yours now for just $59.99. One-year and two-year subscriptions are also available via the link. And don’t forget to use coupon code AURA15 for an additional 15 percent off.