Get ready for your last summer road trip with a list of audio books as long as your arm and an easy way to play them. has added Android Auto to the list of supported platforms. It had previously been available on Apple’s CarPlay platform as well as other manufacturer’s in-car systems. So far, is the only audio book app on these platforms.

That means almost every new vehicle can support literary listening via The app works with GM’s baked-in system in Cadillac, GMC, Buick, and Chevrolet vehicles, and you can use it in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles as well.

Tapping into the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay platforms brings books to cars from Hondas to Maseratis and Subarus to Audis. The app’s integration means that you can control your listening experience right through the screen in the center console — no phone fumbling required.

While the app is free, there’s no such thing as a free best-selling audio book, in your car or otherwise. is about $15 month to listen anywhere. But you can start a book while driving a boring stretch of I-90 and pick up where you left off when you finally get to your hotel room.