Catstacam App Reveals Cats Are Terrible Photographers

Upload photos straight from your pet's collar to Instagram, because why not?
Whiskas' Catstacam collar charts your pet's adventures on Instagram
Whiskas Facebook page

Ever wonder what type of mischief your cats get into when they head outside? Look no further than Catstacam.

Catstacam is a cat collar with an embedded camera that can snap pictures as your pet plays outside or lollops around the house. Developed by the Australian pet care company Whiskas, the collar captures up to six images per minute. The shutter is motion-activated, snapping whenever your cat makes a sudden move. (Presumably this helps to cut down on repetitive shots from when your cat is napping for 16 hours straight.)

When your feline friend gets in range of a Wi-Fi connection, Catstacam automatically uploads the footage to the cat’s own furry Instagram account.

For now, there’s a limited supply of Catstacams, so Whiskas has asked a few friends to demo the product. Early evidence from the collars suggests that cats don’t possess the greatest eye for composition, but still, the pictures can be strangely beautiful. You can follow their photos on Instagram with hashtag: #Catstacam

Prior attempts could only guess at a cat vision, but with Catstacam, one gets an intimate look into the quiet corners explored by felines.