by Gregor Halenda

Great ski gear is beneficial in two ways: It gives you a technological edge and makes spending a day freezing your tail off a heck of a lot more enjoyable. The latest ski accessories employ sensors, satellites and cutting-edge materials to keep you safe, warm, entertained and more informed about your performance. If you’re looking for new skis, consider the Atomic Izor. Otherwise, surround your current pair with these four accessories.

The Accessories

Silva Tech4O ski speedometer

Pro skiers exceed 80 mph in World Cup downhills. Wonder how you stack up? The world’s first ski speedometer uses a boot-mounted radar pod to sense ground speed and transmits your distance and run time
to a wristwatch receiver.
Train up using the heart-monitor strap and
built-in calorie counter. $330;

Ground Adverse EVX shell

The jacket’s waterproof shell is so breathable that pit zips aren’t necessary. Removable shoulder and elbow pads [shown] help cushion your inevitable fall. $400;

Tavo gloves

fabric on the Tavo’s fingertips allows them to work with the iPod’s scroll wheel. Use them as a glove liner, and your digits won’t freeze when you change playlists. $35;

Garmin Rino 530 gps radio

Use this waterproof two-way radio with integrated GPS transceiver to find a lost ski pal in the backcountry or alert your father-
in-law that his Irish coffee awaits. Call other Rino users
within 14 miles and it displays your position on their 2.2-inch color screens. Other slope-friendly touches include a National Weather Service weather receiver, a compass and an altimeter. $500;

Atomic Izor 9:7 skis
The strongest skis are typically layered with gobs of fabric and resin. Atomic’s weight-shaving approach: inject silicon-oxide crystals into the microscopic voids between fibers to create a snappy, responsive ski. $850;