Monitor air quality wherever you go with AtmoTube Plus

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In many cities around the world, air pollution is a serious health risk for everyone. Even where the air is cleaner, asthma sufferers need to be alert. AtmoTube Plus is a wearable device that lets you monitor air quality on the move. It picks up all kinds of harmful pollution and sends data to your phone using the latest wireless tech. You can get one now for just $79.99 at the PopSci Shop.

AtmoTube Plus
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According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the root cause of 4.2 million premature deaths every year. Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs) like methanol, benzene, ethanol, and formaldehyde are invisible killers that we breathe in every day.

While you can’t always avoid air pollution, AtmoTube Plus helps you stay informed. This compact device measures just three inches long, but it’s packed with technology.

Inside the metal casing, sensors pick up any pollution in the air. AtmoTube Plus also reads the ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

This data gets beamed to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. You can hang AtmoTube Plus on your bag or even your belt—the wireless range is 30 feet. When pollution reaches concerning levels, you get notified instantly.

Order now for $79.99 to get AtmoTube Plus at 19 percent off the MSRP.

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