Astronauts Start Using Hololens On Space Station

Over the weekend Scott Kelly and other astronauts on the International Space Station got a new sidekick. Project Sidekick, that is.

The astronauts started working with the Microsoft Hololens, an augmented reality headset that was sent up to the space station in December.

The hardware is part of ‘Project Sidekick’, a program designed to give astronauts a helping hand from Earth during complicated repairs. Using the headset, the astronauts can either watch pre-recorded guides to basic procedures, or interact with experts on the ground via Skype. The headset will let people on the ground get an astronaut’s-eye view of what they’re working on, and let them make notes in the astronaut’s field of vision, guiding them through repairs or experiments.

Kelly has spent more cumulative days in space than any other American astronaut and is about to wrap up his time on the space station. He now has less than 10 days left in his year-long mission.