Battery life is always a concern when you upgrade to wireless tech. But with their supplied case, the Ascape Audio Ascend-1 Truly Wireless Earbuds can keep going for 30 hours straight. What’s more, that playtime is filled with rich bass lines and crisp high notes. Right now, the Ascend-1 earbuds are only $89.95 at the PopSci Shop.

Just like Apple’s attempt at wireless audio, the Ascape buds are lightweight and very pretty. The ergonomic design twists to fit the shape of your ear, ensuring a snug fit. The sound is provided by two 2098 graphene-enhanced microfilm diaphragms. These high-end drivers deliver premium sound quality, with none of the crackle and hiss of older Bluetooth buds.

The earbuds take less than 40 minutes to charge inside their pocket case. With a full battery, they provide 4.5 hours of music without pause. You can also use the built-in dual mics to make hands-free calls or talk to Siri and Alexa. Meanwhile, the sweatproof outer case makes the buds perfect for the gym.

Normally priced at $149.95, the Ascend-1 earbuds are now just $89.95 in a choice of two colors.