The Super Bowl is this weekend. There will be tackling, chip dip, beer, and other stuff. It will be really damn cold, probably. (You should come! It’ll be fun.) Also present, for the first year, will be _FOX WEATHER TRAX _(italics and caps theirs), a wind-detection system created by the design and engineering folks at Autodesk. When you tune in, you, too, will be able to imagine the barely stifled misery of fans sitting in the stands for several hours during the middle of winter.

The software detects the weather conditions inside the stadium–in this case, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium–and overlays the data visually over a live feed of the game. It will look something like what you see in the video here, with those meteorite-looking yellow and orange things representing the wind. So, you’ll be getting a better idea of how wind is affecting passes and kicks during the game, which means you will immediately see the effects of your prayers to the Wind Gods for assistance to your team of choice.