U.K. Supermarket Lets You 3-D Scan And Print Yourself In Store

Get replicas of everything from Fido to the new family minivan.

Eggs, Milk and 3-D Printing

Examples of 3-D printed figurines Asda supermarket customers may order at the chain's York, U.K. location.Screenshot from "Create 'mini me' models of you and your family at Asda!" by asda on YouTube

Add this one to your grocery list. A supermarket chain in the U.K. is offering a new service that lets customers scan objects and then get figurines of them 3-D-printed in ceramic. The 3-D service debuts tomorrow in the chain Asda's York store.

Here's how it will work. An employee wielding what looks a bit like an iron will scan the objects customers want. Pets, cars and family members are all scannable, Asda wrote in a blog post. Asda sends digital files of the scans to a facility where they're printed, then shipped back to the Asda store. Customers can pick up their mini-mes a week after getting scanned, The Guardian reports.

The prints come in color, white or "bronze-style," according to Asda. They start at £40 ($64) for an 8-inch-tall figurine.

This isn't the first we've heard of an in-store, scan-yourself service. The MakerBot store in New York City installed a 3-D "photo booth" last year that let customers scan and 3-D replicate their busts in plastic. We are not prepared to call a trend, however, until we start seeing 3-D photo booths at wedding and bar mitzvah receptions.