Karen Nyberg via Pinterest

Last night, a Soyuz spacecraft landed in Kazakstan, ferrying NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, European Space Agency flight engineer Luca Parmitano and Russia’s Fyodor Yurchikhin homeward from their five-and-a-half month stay on the International Space Station.

While in orbit, Nyberg and Parmitano did their best to fill the social media hole left in our collective astro-nerd heart by the retirement of a certain Chris Hadfield. Both have tweeted—and in Nyberg’s case, pinned—amazing photos of their views of the world from the ISS at least once a day since they arrived in late May.

In celebration of the daily wonders brought to us by @astro_luca and @AstroKarenN, here are some of the best photos they’ve shared with their Earth-bound followers in recent weeks.

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Typhoon Haiyan

Nyberg caught a glimpse of the monstrous Typhoon Haiyan on Saturday as it buffeted the Philippines and headed toward Vietnam.


Storms Over The Mediterranean

An entire board on Nyberg’s Pinterest page is devoted to clouds, for great reason.

The Adriatic Sea

The Setting Moon

Cloud Above The Atmosphere

A cloud forms after a missile launch.

Iranian Mountains

Snow-Capped Chile

Erupting Mt. Etna

Smoke from Europe’s tallest volcano streams over Sicily.

Grand Canyon

A Big, Cloudy Marble

Parmitano tweeted, “Over 5 months in space, and I still can’t get enough of this…” Neither can we.