Meet TeleBot, a six-foot, 75-pound remote-controlled robot police officer developed by a team of undergrads (!) at Florida International University’s Discovery Lab, which focuses on computing and robotics tech. The built-from-scratch ‘bot could help disabled officers and soldiers work as patrol officers, giving them a live view from wherever they are. (And also: robot hands! Cool.)

TeleBot runs through the Oculus Rift headset and a motion-sensitive vest; when the person wearing the headset and vest moves, the robot moves, too. The Rift gives the robo-pilot a live feed of the robot’s view, and it also comes with controllable hands–something you don’t see too often in the commercial telepresence robot industry. If it still looks a little, uh, skeletal, that’s because this is still a prototype; the outer shell will be added later.

I hear there is a movie out tomorrow that relates to this, somehow.