The main interface in Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop is perhaps the biggest name in digital art, but there is a learning curve. David Nield
Photoshop Now Supports 3-D Printing

Good news, 3-D printing enthusiasts: Adobe thinks your weird little hobby could actually be a thing! The company’s adding support for 3-D modeling files to its Photoshop software, letting users manipulate objects, then send them off to a home 3-D printer or a third-party service, like Shapeways, for fabrication.

The software, available today at $50 for new sign-ups or free for Creative Cloud subscribers, doesn’t actually come with any 3-D modeling tools built in, so you’re not about to build an object from the ground up. The tools are more for refining images: adding texture, playing with colors, etc. (You know, the kind of thing Photoshop does with regular ol’ 2-D images.) So maybe this isn’t a _huge _leap forward for home 3-D printing, although it’s a good sign that Adobe thinks it’s worthwhile to add the features to a popular software package .