Order Pizza With Hand Motions Using Pizza Hut’s New Interactive Tabletop

Acquire pizza with as little human interaction as possible.

Let’s be real. It can be embarrassing to go to a pizza joint, walk up to the cashier, and order an extra large Hawaiian pizza with garlic bread crust and a side of extra spicy buffalo wings. But with Pizza Hut’s new digital interactive table that allows pizza lovers to order and customize their masterpieces through touchscreen, we can escape the torment of having to interact with anyone to get our hands on a pizza. Oh, and we don’t even have to get up from sitting down.

The video above shows how the table works. From pizza size to toppings, everything is at users’ fingertips. It looks like payment is synced to your phone, which cuts out the greasy fumbling for credit cards, but provides you with fewer paper receipts to use as napkins. If you brought a friend with you to share in the delight of cheesy-goodness, instead of making small talk while watching the countdown to the pizza’s arrival, you can select a game to play.

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that about 4,000 of Pizza Hut’s dine-in locales would be candidates for the tablet-like table, but the tech is still in concept stage at the moment.