The Coolest Way To Listen To Classical Music

An awesome interactive website lets you follow an orchestra from four angles.

The London Symphony Orchestra has just created a mind-blowingly cool interactive site that lets you channel-surf through different views of the performance. HD cameras followed the orchestra as they played a rendition of Maurice Ravel’s Boléro, and now you can watch up to four sections of the orchestra play the piece at a time. Want to see the conductor and woodwinds? Do it! Want to see percussion and strings? Yes! Need more cowbell? That is not an option, but there are many other options.

Another cool feature: you can “explore” the orchestra. An interactive map shows you where the different sections sit, and if you click on one of the sections, you get a charming mini-biography of the instrument. There are even factoids like: “The actor Ewan McGregor is known to have learnt the horn.” Now you know.

Check out the site here.