9 Amazing Pieces Of 3-D-Printed Art

Creepy babies, skulls and more, from the 3D Printshow this week in New York

The 2014 New York 3D Printshow launched at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Wednesday, bringing together big names from the 3-D printing industry with creative individuals who apply the technology to art and fashion. The annual event featured a trade show, runway fashions, and an art gallery, where we saw creations from architectural models to life-size comic book heroes. Here are some artworks that blew our mind.

21st Century Self-Portrait
That's right. You are looking at a geometrified 3D model of artist Joshua Harker's skull. Fancy your own self-portrait? Head to the Museum of Arts and Design in New York for a full body scan.Gabe Bergado
Creepy 3D-printed baby born in a Matrix-inspired eggshell, presented by sculptor Dann Chetrit. We dig it.Gabe Bergado
Noisy Boy
Remember this badass robot fighter Hugh Jackman owned in the movie Real Steel? It helped its creator, the wizard studio Legacy Effects, win an 2012 Oscar nomination for visual effects.Gabe Bergado
Memorial Bust Of A Woman
Things change. Memories fade. Artist Sophie Kahn makes the statement in this deconstructed memorial sculpture, which she built using both cutting-edge 3D laser scanning and ancient bronze casting technique.Gabe Bergado
1927 Miller 91 "Perfect Choice"
C.ideas, a 3D printing consulting company, built this nickel-plated scale model over 700 combined hours. Watch the birth of this cool mini-racer here.Gabe Bergado
Kabutomushi Yoroi
Designed by mixed media artist Russ Ogi, this Sumarai-inspired armor suit will keep you out of harm's way in a feud.Gabe Bergado
Bear [Animal Lace]
How about this wild spirit for a head display? It doesn't involve killing, and you can put a bulb in it.Gabe Bergado
The Natural Column Project
This free-forming column not only shares similarities with bones and trees, but also represents architect Daniel Büning's vision for an environmentally friendly manufacture process.Gabe Bergado
Manufacturer Voxeljet produced this massive, terrifying Batman statue, complete with his signature cape, cowl, and utility belt.Gabe Bergado