So, the U.S. government shut down yesterday, which has been very bad news for science. On Facebook, we asked asked readers: “Are you a scientist furloughed by the government shutdown? What are you doing today?” Obviously, we can’t verify that all the people who responded are actual scientists. But we thought their replies were pretty funny. And sad. Take a look.

“rethinking my career choice” —Greg Allen

“I’m a NASA engineer working on Earth Observation Satellites. I have been furloughed. Spent the evening drinking wine and catching up on TV shows. Would give anything to be back in the lab. NASA furloughed 97% of their civil service and we are so anxious to get back to work” —Denisse Veronica

“Having a seasonal beer.” —Jennifer Wilson

“State labs are the greatest. Who needs the federal government?” —Max Williams of Raleigh, N.C.

“Visiting streams without pay, but with my dog :)” —Thomas Craig, a hydrologic field assistant with the U.S. Geological Survey

“Still waiting to get my furlough notice, the same furlough that went into effect 3 hours ago. Aaaah, government.” —Jessica LaBlonde of Beaufort, N.C.

“At my house, nasa engineers are making apple pies.” —Andy Renwick

“Continuing research on reforestation” —Kenneth C Dwigans of Hamilton, Ohio

“I’m at home :(” —Darin Mahkee

“I have an MD friend from the CDC hanging out at the pool today sipping on cocktails.” —Rick Coração de Leão

“I took a nap.” —Wayne Thogmartin, a research statistician with the U.S. Geological Survey

Are you a furloughed scientist? Tell us in the comments what you’re doing on your unexpected vacation.