What If Science Fiction Were Boringly Real?

The more scientifically accurate the story is, the less fun the fiction.

Gigantic beasts are attacking Earth's cities. Gigantic robots are designed to combat them. The design is rejected in favor of air strikes. — Hard Sci-Fi Movies (@HardSciFiMovies) October 8, 2013

Science fiction is a great genre, but science keeps showing up and explaining why the stories are unavoidably fictional. Have a great story about cloning dinosaurs in modern times? Turns out that DNA decays too rapidly for that to happen. Astronmers find canals on Mars and think they point to an alien civilization? Alas, not actually canals. Wait, but maybe there's life on Europa! Well, we'll have to wait until we shoot giant space bullets into the Europan ice to find out, but given the trend, it's still unlikely we'll find a teeming civilization beneath the surface.

This trend, of hyperbolic possibility countered by mundane reality, is ably mocked by the @HardSciFiMovies twitter account. Setting up a science fiction premise and then tearing it down all within the space of 140 characters, Hard Sci-Fi Movies provides a hilarious dose of reason in the fact of hysterical fiction. Hmmm, where have we seen that before?

Here are some of the best Hard Sci-Fi Movies tweets:

This could be anything from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Dr. Connors / the Lizard in The Amazing Spiderman. It's something of a trope.

Lacking willing test subjects, a scientist is driven to test an experimental serum on his own body. It causes a rash, requiring cortisone. — Hard Sci-Fi Movies (@HardSciFiMovies) October 12, 2013

Independence Day:

A scientist is trapped on an alien mothership with nothing but his Apple Powerbook. He is unable to connect to the alien computer system. — Hard Sci-Fi Movies (@HardSciFiMovies) October 11, 2013

This is pretty close to H.P. Lovecraft, especially the Mountains of Madness.

Archaeologists find an ancient carving prophesying the end of the world. The prophesy does not come true. The carving is placed in a museum. — Hard Sci-Fi Movies (@HardSciFiMovies) October 9, 2013