The Week In Numbers: The World's Oldest Animal, A New Mission To Mars, And More


Courtesy Washington State Department of Transportation

57.5 feet: the width of the world's largest tunnel-boring machine, the 25,000-horsepower Bertha

10 months: the time it will take NASA's new MAVEN spacecraft to reach Mars. The spacecraft, set to launch Monday, should help scientists discover how Mars lost its atmosphere and water.

Maven At Mars


1967: the year the U.S. Air Force hoped to put humans on the moon with its own lunar expedition plan, called LUNEX

Two possible LUNEX lunar landing configurations


$100: the money Stephen Hawking lost in a bet over the Higgs boson

35 minutes: the time it would take to get from New York City to Montreal via the Hyperloop (Explore a hypothetical North American Hyperloop network with our new interactive infographic)

$230: the price of the Ivee Sleek, a gadget that links your smart-home devices and gives you voice control over them all

Ivee Sleek

Brian Klutch

394 percent: the increase in drug overdose deaths in rural America between 1999 and 2009

Mmm, secret fruit

Michal Osmenda via Wikimedia Commons

90: the number of offspring a cardinal can have in its lifetime (See how that compares to an elephant's baby-making power)

507 years: the age of the world's oldest animal

30 minutes: the time it takes to make your own soldering stencil from a soda can


Courtesy Felix Rusu