$45,000: the cost to enroll in this FAA-approved spaceflight training program (that’s only 18 percent of the price of a ticket on Virgin Galactic)

12 days: the time this fruit fly spent in space. Back on Earth, something’s not quite right

Space Fly

This fruit fly is covered with a fungal infection after a childhood in space compromised its immune system.

7 years: the age at which humans begin to forget their early childhood, according to new research

120 times per second: the rate at which the wings of the RoboBee flap while in flight (read about the rise of insect drones in our January 2014 cover story)


88 percent: the portion of allergic children in a recent study who could tolerate eating peanuts after this six-month treatment

21 mph: the top speed of this electric Porsche from 1898

1898 ‘P1’ electric car designed by Ferdinand Porsche

$500 million: the estimated amount Google recently paid to acquire DeepMind, an artificial intelligence startup

1 in 50,000: the chance that a part of someone else’s fingerprint could randomly match with the iPhone 5’s Touch ID, according to Apple (read why fingerprint security is not the future)

iPhone 5s

1 week: the length of time the herpes simplex virus can live on a dry surface (compare the lifespans of pathogens with our interactive infographic)

2021: the year Aerion plans to deliver a supersonic business jet to its first customers

Aerion Jet

The body of Aerion’s supersonic business jet will be made from composite materials and aluminum.

10: the number of species of endangered bats discovered in abandoned bunkers on Israel’s Jordanian border

24 hours: the length of time this hardy leech can survive submerged in liquid nitrogen

A very special leech

Ozobranchus jantseanus, a leech that parasitizes turtles in East Asia.

$800: the price of Nikon’s new first-of-its-kind, waterproof, interchangeable-lens camera

Nikon 1 AW1

56.62 mph: the record-breaking speed of the world’s fastest face-down, head-first, human-powered vehicle

$5,300: the price of the Ryno, a one-wheeled motorcycle with no gas pedal or normal brake