Fermilab, Reidar Hahn
A polar bear checks out a Tundra Buggy as the Trekker collects Street View imagery of it. Eric Gillespie/Google

25 miles per hour: the sprinting speed of a polar bear (read about Google’s quest to bring polar bears to Street View here)

500 trillion: the number of particle collisions it took to discover the last as-yet-unproven way of making top quarks


2016: the year the Hybrid Air powertrain, which propels a car using compressed air, will be available in Europe

The car that runs on air

$399: the price of the gorgeous Harman Kardon Aura Bluetooth speaker

The Harmon Kardon Aura

5 feet: the length of each of six aluminum legs on this car-size Crabster underwater-walking robot, which will soon help excavate 12th-century shipwrecks

Crabster CR200

4.8 percent: the portion of Bitcoin users who are female (read why that’s a big problem here)

24 pages: the length of a recent scientific paper examining why people hate Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiian Shirt

10 times the mass of the sun: the size of the black hole astrophysicists observed to discover what matter escapes a black hole’s grasp

Black Hole

An illustration of a black hole pulling gas and plasma from a nearby star.