The Week In Numbers: Sea Monkey Zaps, Quadrocopter Conundrums, And Chemical Compression

Also: Free bison


160 times: Oxygen compression of this chemical versus ambient air, which researcher hope could render the SCUBA tank obsolete.

80 cm: resolution of a new Chinese imaging satellite, CHEOS, their most powerful yet.

63 years: time since a cloud was last added to the World Meteorological Organization’s Cloud Atlas. But enthusiasts expect a new one to be added soon.


(GIF cut from video by Alex Schueth)

1 trillion: watts of power sea monkeys may be pumping into the oceans, enough to impact the climate.

Sea Monkey Swirls.

This timelapse image shows the circulation patterns as the sea monkeys (white) move through the water and glass particles (yellow).

145: Bison from Yellowstone National Park up for grabs in a bid to save their lives.

**2000 lbs: **weight of just one bison.

Oh give me a home…

1000 times: magnification of this 3D-printed smartphone microscope.

DIY Microscope at Work

The phone screen here shows onion cells magnified 350X. On the right is a pile of 3-D printed plastic housings.

12 to 18: people believed to be at risk from the American Ebola patient.

21: days until patients under observation can be cleared.

1: number of shotguns used by this New Jersey man to bring down his neighbors drone.