The Week In Numbers: A Real Jetpack, The Dangers Of Laughing, And More

63 miles per hour: the speed of the P12 Jetpack, a personal flight device that can reach 8,000 feet

50 hours: the time it took electrical engineer Chris Fenton to build this 3-D printed, hand-cranked calculator that uses punch cards, string, and rubber bands to execute functions (video)

2018: the year private spaceflight project Mars One hopes an exploratory lander and satellite will arrive at Mars, in preparation for a human colony

1,000 millisieverts: the amount of radiation astronauts on Mars would be exposed to if they stayed for 500 days (that’s more than 10 times as much radiation as an astronaut receives during six months aboard the International Space Station)

$40 billion: the cost of the Federal Aviation Administration’s transition from a ground-based, radar-based air traffic control system to a satellite-based system called NextGen

2014: the year the U.S. Navy is set to debut a system that fires directed energy weapons at drone sensors to fry their electronics

25 cents: the price per board foot of Mushroom Insulation, a compostable material with the benefits of foam board insulation but none of the petrochemicals, VOCs, or fire retardants

$42,000: the funding two scientists hope to raise via Indiegogo in order to distribute kits that would allow anyone to test leaves, twigs, insects, and fungi as candidate antibiotic sources

785: the number of studies included in a recent analysis of the dangers of laughter, which include jaw dislocation, incontinence, cardiac rupture, and death

$89: the price of a DIY digital camera kit for kids

10: the number of pennies you need to make a battery that powers an LED holiday light for two weeks