The Week In Numbers: The Periodic Table Gets An Update, Curiosity Finds Lots Of Martian Water, And More

Curiosity at the Sand Shadow Site in Mars' Gale Crater


2 percent: the portion of Martian soil that was water in a recent analysis from the rover Curiosity

4: the number of aluminum mirrors in these telescopic contacts lenses

Contact Lens

Trevor Johnston

66: the number of radio dishes in the most ambitious ground telescope ever built

On the move

Transporting the ALMA observatory's 100-ton antenna dishes requires a truck with two 700-hp engines.ESO/S. Stanghellini

1969: the year scientists first used the word "flashback" to describe a reoccurrence of an LSD-like state (are acid flashbacks a myth?)

100 microns: the length of the magnetic nano-cages that could some day carry drugs into your brain or eyes

Magnetic Microrobots

It's like a magic elevator for medicine.Sangwon Kim, Famin Qiu, Samhwan Kim, Ali Ghanbari, Cheil Moon, Li Zhang, Bradley J. Nelson, Hongsoo Choi

$449: the price of the new Microsoft Surface 2 tablet

Microsoft Surface 2's New Screen

Dan Nosowitz

19: the number of elements that got new official atomic weights this week, thanks to improved measurements

Cadmium, Gaining 0.0026

Heinrich Pniok (, FAL 1.3