Brian Klutch
It took more than two decades to create a vegetable-based meat analogue with a consistency and texture similar to chicken; Whole Foods began selling the packaged Beyond Meat product in spring.

200 pounds: the amount of meat the average American eats each year (read about scientists’ efforts to develop delicious artificial meat)

1,100 hours: the total time astronauts have spent on spacewalks outside the 15-year-old International Space Station

Rendering of the ISS

1794: the year America established its first international naval force (what does a navy do? A quick 101)

154: the crew needed to operate the U.S. Navy’s new highly automated warship, the 610-foot Zumwalt destroyer

Zumwalt In Maine

$500: the price of Microsoft’s new Xbox One


27 pounds: the weight of a modular bridge-in-a-backpack that extends to 22 feet and can hold 350 pounds

Backpack Bridge

600,000: the number of bats killed by wind turbines annually

1,250 miles: the range of Iran’s new Reaper-sized drone, according to a state-affiliated news agency

Fotros Unveiling Ceremony

75 days: the time it took journalist Nellie Bly to circumnavigate the globe in 1889

Elizabeth Bisland and Nellie Bly

Bisland (left) and Bly (right) in their travel gear, in photos taken to publicize their race

300 micrometers: the length of the larvae of schistosomiasis-causing parasitic flatworms