Courtesy Snow Secure


15 seconds: the time it takes this simple new invention to seal a gunshot wound with tiny sponges

$15,000: the price of the first consumer ATV with airless tires, which never go flat

Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV

9 hours: the battery life of the Skully P-1, the first motorcycle helmet with a digital head-up display and 180-degree rear-facing camera

The Skully P-1

10 snow guns: have been running 24/7 since early December to ensure good coverage on Sochi’s ski jump


13 Gs: the peak G forces during a normal landing for snowboarder Scotty Lago (that’s three times the force Formula 1 drivers feel as they’re braking)

154 decibels: the eardrum-rupturing maximum output of the most powerful sound system in Europe

Big Horn

Engineer Kees van Zijtveldt stands in front of a Large European Acoustic Facility horn.

26 species: have successfully recovered and been removed from the endangered species list since it was created 40 years ago (the Oregon chub just became the first fish to do so)

The Oregon chub

5 feet: the length of the lion’s-mane jellyfish that recently washed onto a beach in southern Tasmania, startling a family

New jellyfish